Having insomnia isn’t all bad

On those days, weeks, months when I used to go through bouts of insomnia, it was very easy to sit and think about all the negative aspects to my lack of sleep. It’s only when I got to the other side and started sleeping again that I realised without insomnia I would have taken so many things for granted. Waking up with energy is the number one thing I treasure. I feel like I am looking at the world with the eyes of a child, with everything fresh and exciting. Maybe only an insomniac can know what I am talking about here, because as an insomniac we know that these good days can often be few and far between. Even now that I sleep regularly I still treasure each and every day that I don’t feel exhausted. I feel that I can accomplish so much. I don’t know if it’s because I am working even more efficiently than normal or if it’s just in comparison to the days I don’t sleep and how little I can manage. There’s something really satisfying about ticking off a to do list and it’s on these days I seem to accomplish everything I set out to do. Another thing I treasure when I’ve slept is the weekend. Because after 20 years of not sleeping and every weekend being wasted from feeling exhausted, these are the days that are most incredible. It’s almost ok turning up to work after no sleep, but the weekend, that borders on cruel. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunny day being ruined by exhaustion, so on the flip side knowing you are getting to experience this day with a clear refreshing headspace is pure magic. Having the energy to cook a beautiful meal, being able to sit and enjoy quality time with my son, and the list goes on. Sometimes I think I’m one of the lucky ones for truly appreciating life. I am sure that most people take for granted the benefits of having a good night sleep.

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