Would you sleep better with a 28 hour day? Some night owls may….

Forever on the lookout for ways to improve your sleep, I stumbled across the idea that if you have 6 days of 28 hours as opposed to 7 days of 24 hours, you may have really great sleep. This could be a tip if you’re a night worker or huge party animal. Though I don’t recommend either if I am to be brutally honest.

I can’t say I’ve tried it but for what it’s worth I thought I’d share the concept with you. Let me know what you think?! Would it work for you?

Jet lag is far, far less intense flying west than it is flying east. Flying west you follow the sun and extend your day.
For some reason, it appears that it is easier for humans to push our body clocks forward. It only takes 1 day of sleeping in to push our clocks forward by 3 hours, but it takes 3 days of waking up early to reset it to normal.
This is why some have adopted the 28-hour day. Why 28? It syncs with the 168-hour week. Six 28-hour days instead of seven 24-hour days. Good for those who want to be awake in the evening and night during weekends (for going out).
If you follow any non-24 hour sleep schedule, use zeitgebers properly. Light is the strongest zeitgeber, and since you can no longer rely on the sun, sleep masks and light boxes may be of help.


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