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You need sleep for optimum wellbeing and for the healthy maintenance of your body and your brain. Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise and crucial for healing and recuperation, which is why treatment for insomnia is so important. It may come as a surprise then that almost everyone is effected with an inability to sleep…


SO WHY ARE YOU TOSSING AND TURNING ALL NIGHT? Stress is the most common trigger as one of the causes of insomnia. When your body is stressed, increased stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol are produced, which keep your body on high alert and in turn keep you awake. So if it takes you a while to nod…


Definition of insomniaInsomnia is defined as a distressing and persistent difficulty with falling asleep, (sleep-onset insomnia), difficulty staying asleep, including waking up too early (sleep-maintenance insomnia) and poor quality fragmented sleep.In short, if you are taking longer than 30 minutes to get to sleep, more than three times a week for over a month, then…

My New Book

“In a practical, realistic and user friendly guide, award winning writer turned naturopathic sleep therapist, Tristian Kelly shares her secrets as to how she managed to overcome twenty years of chronic insomnia. Designed to kick-start your mind and body into sleeping well again without the need for sleeping pills, Tristian offers effective and natural strategies as taught at the Bondi Sleep School.

As someone who slept as little as one hour a night, author Tristian Kelly knows exactly what you are going through and has condensed the best of everything she has learnt in her quest to beat insomnia into a manageable three week program.

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