It’s official, I really do look a wreck when I don’t sleep

I’ve had this theory for years and years that when I’ve slept well I look far better than when I’ve had poor sleep, and will go as far as say that I go from appearing attractive to the opposite sex to relatively unattractive. For so long people have told me it was all in my head, that to the untrained I I didn’t look any different. Well I have news for you, and it’s scientifically proven that sleep deprived people are less attractive and less socially desired than well rested people.

Researchers from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm took two sets of photos of 25 Swedish college students. The first set was taken after the students had undergone two nights of partial sleep restriction (about four hours of sleep per night). The second set was taken two days later, after normal sleep. Aside from the different sleep conditions, the two photo sessions took place under identical circumstances.

Researchers then asked a different group of participants to view the photos, one by one, and rate their willingness to socialize with the subjects (the students) depicted in them. The raters also had to indicate how attractive, healthy, trustworthy and sleepy the photo subjects seemed.

The raters didn’t know anything about the photo subjects or their sleep habits. But, as researchers predicted, the raters were less inclined to socialize with the “underslept” photo subjects, who were also deemed less attractive, less healthy and sleepier than the well-rested subjects. Analysis suggested that something else about their faces — meaning a quality not measured in the study — lessened raters’ desire to befriend them. But researchers don’t know what that quality is.

Well i can tell you what that quality is for free. It’s that je ne sais quois of someone who knows what it’s like to feel like death warmed up. There is a definite beauty that comes from being well rested. Being well rested radiates energy and an outer glow to the skin and a person’s aura. The converse is true when you haven’t sleep. You radiate a glow that is negative, grey and unwelcoming. So whilst your actual face may not have changed, your aura will have and so even if the people who know you well may say you look the same as always I guarantee someone new will pick up this negative energy and perceive you as way less attractive.

And whilst this may only be of importance if you’re dating and someone who puts a value on your appearance, you may notice little things like people asking to help you carrying out your shopping to your car if you’re well rested as opposed to not, or someone holding a door open for you or not. I have experienced for myself how people favour someone with a healthy well rested glow because not only do I look different on days I haven’t slept, I’m also treated differently. And now there’s scientific evidence to back this up.

So why am I telling you all this? I’m telling you so that you can stop making excuses and living with insomnia and finally do something about it and get that healthy glow back into your face. Beauty is really more than skin deep. It is what emanates from your soul and every living cell. So if you are struggling with insomnia please contact me for a skype consultation, buy my book, join my online course or come to one of my retreats. xx Tristian

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