What’s causing your insomnia?

There are different types of insomnia which present itself as difficulty maintaining sleep, difficulty initiating sleep, early waking, non restorative sleep or worse still a combination of each.

I will address here difficulty falling asleep. Causes of this include:

  • psychiatric influences such as anxiety or tension whereby insomnia could be the symptom of recent worry events or from an anxiety disorder itself.
  • Environmental change such as sleeping in a hotel, a new bed partner or mattress is often a trigger when someone is experiencing difficulty falling asleep.
  • Emotional Arousal such as anger or sadness causes from something like an argument with one’s partner prior to bed.
  • Fear of insomnia which can be caused from a few nights of troubled sleep that leads to anxiety that prevents the onset of sleep.
  • Disruptive environment such as noise (noisy neighbours, traffic, crying baby) clutter, light or changes in temperature.
  • Pain or discomfort from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia where the arousing effects of pain are believed to prevent sleep initiation. This problem is twofold because of the lack of good restorative sleep which is needed for healing and repair.

Learning how to resolve or manage these situations is the key to effectively treating your insomnia. You can find great solutions to these problems in my book “Three Weeks to Better Sleep” where you can purchase here on the website. Alternatively feel free to send me an email to tristian@countingseashells.com.au

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