Anti Aging

Let’s face it. Insomnia brings with it worries of looking tired and haggered.

Other than my wrinkles and eye bags that would form after a bad night sleep, it wasn’t until I hit my 40’s that I really and truly started to feel signs of aging. When I’ve been lazy with my yoga practice for a little bit, I have to admit that I do notice that my flexibility and movement can become somewhat stiff. I’ve asked my friends what they have noticed and it’s anything from misplacing keys, forgetting names, noticing more grey hairs and so forth. Aging is a natural part of life, yet we still search high and low for a way to beat it. Over time the aging process continues and chances of suffering from degenerative conditions increases steadily. It can lead to a decline in both our mental and physical functioning and contribute to the onset of chronic disease.Having insomnia is no excuse to let yourself fall apart. I try to do what I can when I can because I am damned if I will let insomnia ruin my life anymore than it has.

All is not lost. Before you throw in the towel, it’s good to understand that by adopting a healthy lifestyle you can slow the pace of accelerated ageing so that you have a long healthy and happy life. One of the best things you can do is support your body with optimal nutrition through a healthy diet, supported by appropriate supplementation. Scientists have also discovered that you can even alter your genes by supporting DNA health. A few of my biggest tips include Grape seed which has been used since ancient times. This can protect DNA from damage and offers a broad spectrum of benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and cardioprotective qualities. Probiotics would be my next tip. Yet not all probiotics are the same so it’s important to understand which strain will work best for you. The benefits of probiotics are that they help with making a healthy digestive system which is needed for immunity. An overwhelming amount of illnesses start in the gut. A practitioner only high quality fish oil is necessary for cardiovascular health as well as brain function. This is particularly important if you are susceptible to arthritis. It is not always easy to obtain enough omega 3 from our diets so this is one supplement I recommend. And finally tumeric, green tea and resveratrol are all great in helping combat the aging process. It’s never too late to regain your energy and graceful aging can start at any age. Sure being sleep deprived can leave you looking a bit worse for wear at times but with a bit of conscious effort on your part this rapid aging can be temporary. (and if all else fails see my section “hide your tired”)!

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