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Never go to bed angry

Just as the old adage say, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to never go to bed angry. A sure fire way for me to have a bout of insomnia is to fight before bed. Fighting hypes up the fight or flight adrenal glands and surges of adrenalin and cortisol will dramatically effect your sleep. What’s even worse is that studies have shown that if you do manage to fall asleep after a negative experience your brain is more likely to store this for longer and into the longer term parts of your memory than if you were to go to bed after a positive encounter. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation immediately after traumatic experiences  may prevent traumatic memories from being consolidated. So take heed from your grandparents and couples who have lived a long and happy marriage who have more than likely offered you this sage advice. In many instances insomnia is within your control and this is one prime example. You’ve nothing to lose by taking this advice and will gain better sleep, more energy and better relationships.

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