Mattresses and Sleep

I am sure I must have been a princess in a former life. People have likened me to the Princess and the Pea. My mattress needs to be just right. I may as well be on the floor as be given a hard mattress. It’s said that hard mattresses are best for the back, but what’s the use of a good back if you are too tired to walk. I like a soft to medium mattress. I love expensive mattresses the best, but occasionally I’m fine with a sloppy old one. Gives that snug cosy feeling at night. I am the person who goes on vacation and is happy to get the oldest mattress in the house. I love padded mattresses with the extra soft bit on top. They are expensive, yet can be recreated by placing a load of blankets on top of your mattress. Sheepskin overlays are also great for this.

I used to stay at a friends house on a regular basis and without her knowing it I would take the mattress off every night, and pile blanket upon blanket on top of it. I didn’t want to offend her as she was doing me a favour by letting me stay. It was a laborious job and it certainly made making the bed the next day a big task (not to mention how early I had to get up in order to put all the blankets back in her cupboard without her knowing).

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