Time to seek help

If you’re struggling with getting a good night sleep, chances are that you’re experiencing the negative consequences that go hand in hand with insomnia. Irritable moods, lack of concentration, decreased motivation and utter exhaustion being just the start.

Left untreated these issues can lead to serious problems including breakdown in relationships, loss of job, decreased desire to socialise , motor vehicle or workplace accidents or even the deterioration of your physical health. You may also find yourself becoming increasingly depressed which in turn can even worsen the original insomnia.

How to know when it’s time to seek help

Other than the constant feeling of exhaustion, some often tell-tale signs include:

  • Not having the energy to cook a meal – Take away has become a regular part of life, draining the pocket and expanding the waistline. You may not even have the energy to pack your child a healthy lunchbox.
  • looking like you’ve had a big night when you haven’t – Whilst dark glasses may cover tired weary eyes, they are hard to pull off in an office.
  • Becoming lazy in your appearance – resorting to wearing the same old comfy tracksuits, despite having a wardrobe full of clothes. The idea of ironing is exhausting.
  • Putting off physical activity – It’s catch 22. You are too tired to exercise, and by not exercising your sleep is becoming even worse.
  • Saying no to going out with friends and missing out on opportunities – You enjoy going out with friends but you simply lack the energy. So you say yes and spend the night watching your clock waiting to go home, or don’t go and feel bad for that. Either way you can’t seem to win.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start treatment. Insomnia is not something you just have to live with and there are natural alternatives to resorting to sleeping pills.

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