How to shop for beds

So many clients come to see me and complain about not getting a good night sleep. When questioned about their bed often times it’s very old or very uncomfortable. Mattresses are not always something people choose to spend a lot of money on, however if you have trouble sleeping it could be one of your best investments ever.

I recommend when choosing a mattress you always test it out in the showroom. After speaking with some bed companies about this subject they tell me that they often get husbands and wives coming in wearing work suits and that lying down in a suit is just not going to give you an accurate idea of what it’s going to be like to sleep on.

And if you think because you have a bad back you need to chose a firmer mattress then think again. Some back conditions improve when you add an overlay to boost the beds softness.

So whether you go for latex, memory foam or a traditional mattress remember it’s what feels the most comfortable to you will be the one you should consider. And one final tip, If you are ever at a hotel and you find you sleep like a log, it’s worth asking the reception what kind of mattress you were sleeping on.
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