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The importance of taking time out

I was walking along Bondi Beach yesterday on my way to deliver flyers to my local coffee shops when I spotted a friend leisurely walking up the hill with a towel over his shoulder. He told me that he noted what a beautiful day it was so decided to make the most of it and go for a swim before heading into work. My friend is a freelance photographer and one of the people who inspired me to open my own business. I loved his ability to balance work and pleasure and wanted some of the same for myself. And here I was on this sunny day in paradise not allowing myself to take a brief time out of my day to make the short walk to the beach and have a swim. It made me think about the whole reason I got into running my own business was so that I could call the shots with my hours and make sure I put some “me” time in my life. I realised the craziness of living in such a beautiful location as Bondi Beach and not taking advantage of it. So today I have decided to take the plunge into work life balance and walk down and have a dip. I know I will come out feeling all the better for it. I don’t know why it took bumping into my friend to think of this obvious stress buster.

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