Too tired to cook

Being tired from sleepless night after sleepless night can play havoc on your diet (not to mention your waistline). I recommend to have a list of at least five simple and easy to prepare meals so you can avoid caving in to a fattening take away or processed frozen meal.

Here is one of my favourite “go to” meals when I am too exhausted to cook. It simply requires a spiraliser which can be bought from most kitchen supply shops. I bought mine from my local food market. Mine is a very simple low tech one but I have seen fancier electric ones out there.

Zucchini pasta

All you need to do is twist a zucchini in the spiraliser and put over it some good quality store bought pesto (or better still home made if you have a food processor) and voila…tasty and healthy meal. For a bit of variation try using sweet potatoes, carrots or beetroot. I was reading an article yesterday that made pad thai with a few key ingredients and a spiraliser. There is even a whole book dedicated to spiraliser meals. So the sky is the limit for this fast new trend.








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