Sleep can be a dream business

One of my biggest fears when I decided to start this business was that I would miss the creativity that I was able to have when I worked as a copywriter in advertising. I knew deep down that it didn’t have to be this way and so I set out to find new opportunities to inject creativity into everything that I do. Lo and behold opportunities haven been coming my way and a whole new world of possibilities is unfolding. Recently I was asked by Ogilvy PR to use my knowledge as a sleep therapist to judge a fashion competition. The competition involved students from the Whitehouse school of fashion being given a brief to design a fashion forward pair of pyjamas for the Crowne Plaza Hotel Group. The idea being that they would be given to business travellers to use on their stay in the hotel.

The experience was nothing short of amazing. I was involved in the judging process from start to finish and then flown to Melbourne to experience for myself a night at the Crowne Plaza and unveil the winning design.

This opportunity has shown me that companies are really starting to value the importance of sleep and it has given me extra confidence to move forward in my business as an ambassador for healthy sleep. There really is a lot to be said for following your dreams. Little by little my dreams are coming true.

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