Untired your eyes

Not all concealers are created equal.

Everyone knows that lack of sleep can cause dark circles under the eyes. Little did I know until being told by a makeup artist that the eye colour on top of the eye is also a dead giveaway of lack of sleep. But before thinking you can use any old concealer, think again. The amount of nights I went out with concealer that dried to make the wrinkles and dark circles stand out even more or show up in photos like I was a clown, led me to search high and low till I found something that actually works.

I know everyone raves about YSL touch eclair however I still thought there had to be something better out there.

These two little saviours work magic on tired looking eyes.
By Terry Touch – Veloutee (I use number 2) – I find this so lightweight yet gives a great full cover. Mimicks natural skin colour and doesn’t set in eye wrinkle creases.












2. By Terry hyaluronic eye primer – Little did I know that the top of the eyelid is also a giveaway of a night without sleep. This little gem soothes tired eyes, banishes red lines and discolouration on the top of the eyelids and keeps eyelid skin well hydrated.


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