Sleep better without drugs

If you’ve ever tried a sleeping pill you will most likely realise that you never wake up feeling as good as you did if you didn’t take one. That is of course if they work. If they don’t work then you feel like you’ve been run over by a train the next day, groggy yet still sleep deprived. I used to take sleeping pills. I am actually not sure why I did because I am one of the people they don’t work on. I think that the fact they sometimes put you to sleep for an hour or two tops (as opposed to laying stressing the entire night) was sometimes worth it at the time, but very regretful the next day. I have tried every sleeping pill known to man and the irony of most of them is that insomnia is a side effect. Eventually I faced reality that sleeping pills were not the answer, however saying that I still kept them besides my bed as a reassurance and never forgot to take them away with me on holiday even if I didn’t plan to take them. Nothing feels better than a natural night sleep so I set out to find out how I could achieve this. By changing parts of your life such as food, lifestyle and surroundings you can find your way back to a good night sleep. And without drugs. Sleeping pills are not the answer for insomniacs. Well none that I have discovered anyway. It’s why I have made this website and I hope you will find lots of great tips and information to help you sleep soundly again naturally.

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