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I have been sitting here all morning frantically trying to get through my “to do list” that seems to keep growing in front of my eyes. Rather than stick to one sheet of paper I use sticky notes with each individual “to do” item. I then find it therapeutic to throw away each piece of paper as I go as a kind of shedding of my jobs. There is nothing more satisfying for me than seeing a pile of rubbish (recycled paper of course..I make sure that I always use both sides of my paper before throwing away) ready to throw away leaving behind a clean room ready for new thoughts and day ahead. I looked over at my pile of papers that I’d been throwing on the floor and stopped to think that actually they looked quite beautiful. It was as though I’d created a mini art work. I just had to take a photo of it before this piece of art was taken apart and disposed of. It made me think that everywhere we look if we take the time out we can notice beauty. I think in another life I’d like to be a photographer as there is just so much around us worthy of capturing. It’s also a grey rainy day. I am lucky enough to be working from home today. Rather than sit here and think how dull and wet it is outside I decided to think how beautiful the rain sounds and thought back to days as a child I would cherish time inside all snuggled up in the warmth of the home. I’d thoroughly recommend that rather than unconsciously let the world go by that you start to take it in. The more we attune our minds to the positive then the happier our minds will become.

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