Keep It Simple

When asked about the kinds of treatment approaches I take and the various nutrients I recommend (particularly in relation to how I cured my own insomnia) my answer is often something simple. It’s evident by the look on the person’s face that I should be saying something much more complex and involving. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I am not able to give complex and involving remedies, I am simply saying that for some people the cure to insomnia is right under their nose and there may not even be a need for a myriad of potions and supplements. Sometimes simple is best and fixing someone’s diet for instance may just be enough. I know of a patient who has trouble sleeping simply because they feel unloved and I don’t think any amount of herbs will fix that. The person needs to address the core issue and work on that. So councelling is also a big part of what I do in order to get to the underlying cause for the lack of sleep. For every patient who may need to go on a long journey of herbs and supplements in combination with other therapies there is always another who can be fixed with one or two simple strategies. That’s why it’s so important as a naturopath to get to the underlying cause. It is like a domino effect after that. The closer to the initial domino you get, the less obstacles are in your way.

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